Wholesome Hound – Combining Nutritious With Delicious

Antioxidant Rich Ingredients

We are committed to creating treats made with a wide variety of super-foods rich in anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and omegas that are immune boosting for your fur family member.

All Natural

We believe that your fur family member deserves treats made with high quality nutritious ingredients which is why there are no preservatives, additives, fillers, artificial colours or flavours in any of our treats.

Why Wholesome Hound

Our unique combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in our treats offers our customers a range of wellbeing boosting treats for their loved fur children that contain no hidden nasties.

Happy Hounds

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My dog Milo just loves the Mobility Treats and I love knowing that I’m giving my dog an all natural dog treat packed with herbs and fruit.

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Love the Healthy Teeth & Coat treats for my buddy Jip.  He just loves chewing on them.  Having used them as a reward while training for several weeks now, I’m delighted to say that his coat definitely has a great shine to it.

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My dog Frank enjoys chewing on bones and often has quite smelly breath.  After trying Fresh Breath Treats over the course of several weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at the difference I noticed with Frank’s breath.  Will definitely add these to the weekly shopping list.